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Important statements

  • Stress is a very common problem. We all have stress in our lives. You have too much of a normal feeling. You should not aim to 'cure' yourself of stress. You should aim to control it.
  • Stress is often a mix of anxiety and depression. Anger, panic, sleep and drink problems are often involved.
  • Stress is not a mental illness. It will not turn into mental illness even if the stress is severe.
  • We can all get stress but, to a large extent, it depends on what happens to you in life.
  • Stress feeds itself because of the vicious circle involving Thoughts, Actions and Body. So, it can keep itself alive.
  • Getting stress under control is a lot more complex that giving yourself a good shake.
  • Tablets can help but, in the long run, you should learn ways to get back in control.
  • Up until now, you may not have known how to combat stress. Self-help can give you the tools to do this. It will need a lot of hard work on your part.
  • You can learn to spot the danger signs of stress. This will help to prevent problems in the future.
  • There is no magic cure - don't be impatient. It takes time to control stress.
  • Believe in yourself - you can do it.